Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Day

Happy 40th year anniversary of the moon landing!!!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Being July

And I skipped posting during the entirety of June.

Howsoever, I can now report that I have successfully finished my junior year, have found a summer job, conquered my fear of buses, and read my way nearly half through a great book.

I believe I have mentioned the end of the semester before. So that needs no explaining.

The weeks following were spent recovering and replenishing sleep and searching for jobs. But about one or two weeks in to June I started working as a happy hourly employee at a local retail store. I have the most exciting job. I get to run around with a funny little scanner thing and scan the price labels of all the things we are out of or nearly out of in the store. And then I get to run to the back room and push out large tubs of all the things needed to replenish. I have now developed a hearty appreciation for zoning (the process of keeping everything in the proper places) and I would like to take this opportunity to ask you all to please try to put things back as close as possible to where it belongs and please don't leave articles in completely random places where they have no place being!

This job is also one of the reasons I haven't posted in a while. Every morning of work, I get up at a little after six and leave before seven to catch the bus. Then I get home about three-thirty exhausted. So I haven't wanted to do anything. But I think I am finally getting used to it.

Anyway, I have had to take a bus out to work and back. This was a major step for me, because, as everyone knows, buses are scary confusing things with schedules that are hard to figure out and bus stops that are hidden in random locations. Actually, I found that this is not quite true. Buses do sometimes have complicated schedules, but they are relatively simple to ride on once you figure out how. And I guess I've become a regular now or something. I have people smiling at me and talking to me as we wait. And the bus driver on the way back recognizes me, I'm pretty sure.

As far as the great book I am reading, I have finished chapter seven out of fourteen of The Reason for God by Dr. Timothy Keller. My dad suggested I read it and blog about it. It has been very interesting. I was able to read so much by reading it while waiting at the bus stop for the bus ride home. Actually, I occasionally read it on the bus too and because of it had a conversation with an older man named Jake who was hard to understand but who enjoyed talking. I couldn't grasp enough of what he was saying to understand his handle of the gospel, but he did claim to be a Christian.
So, based on the previous paragraph, it is obvious I haven't been blogging through that book, so maybe I'd better start.