Friday, March 27, 2009

How many living scientists do you know

who haven't died yet?

Prof. R who teaches my aeroelasticity and vibrations class is from Israel and speaks English with an accent. The accent isn't bad (though I could have sworn he was talking about a generalized mess instead of a generalized so confused me). But he has...interesting ways of expressing things.

Today, we heard a brief tangent lecture (that's a lecture on something not directly related to the topic at hand) about Dr. Theodore Theodorsen, a great aerodynamicist who doesn't get as much recognition as he should.

The best part was when Dr. Theodore Theodorsen was descibed as a living scientist of his time. And yes, he is dead now. But he was a living scientist when he was still alive. And now I'm wondering what he would have done if he had been a dead scientist of his time...

P.s. Theodore Theodorsen really is the guy's name.

Friday, March 20, 2009

And hurrahness for spring!

For it has deigned to join us at last
and shake its garments all over the place
whilst leaving the most depressed among us
feeling a little more cheerful.

Oh, hurrahness for spring today!

And the groundhogs run around.
I saw one today
on my way to class in the morning.

Silly groundhog, what were you up to?
What secrets were you nosing out
that you needed to scurry when I came about?

And tired students play ball
in the middle of any available field
while wearing no coats.

Look out for the ball!
Watch it! Duck!
Be careful as you pass by
the ball-playing students.

Oh, hurrahness for spring indeed!

And the bright early flowers
those trees and shrubs put out
are beginning to bud at last.

Oh, hurrahness for spring again!

And the skateboarding guys
are out on their trampoline.
Jumping and jumping,
away they fly.

Still too cold for them to go shirtless.
And their music's not blaring yet.
Though that will come soon, too soon.

And sneakers are lovely
after large heavy boots.
And my feet prance in glee
with their freedom.

Oh, hurrahness for spring and again and again,
hurrahness for spring indeed!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh well

I thought the week before spring break was my craziest yet, but I think this week might have just about as much due as that week.

Yeah, I've still got about four homeworks, one team meeting, one pre-lab, and an exam left.

After already turning in another homework and taking another exam.


But at least I have been rested by the Spring Break, so I am much happier facing this lovely mound of work. Also, I was reminded to trust God over the spring break, so I am trying to keep this in mind as I look at the remaining three days of this week's classes.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Break

oh how I adore thee
coming just exactly when
I need thee to keep sane

Oh beautiful Spring Break
with long hours of sleep
and blessed memories to keep
come back for my sake

The homework lies in wait
but I ignore its calls
to enjoy staying up late
to watch films with family

Oh beautiful Spring Break
with long hours of sleep
and blessed memories to keep
come back for my sake

And I must ratatouille make
for ratatouille tastes great
with a tasty Spring Break cake
for everyone to eat

Oh beautiful Spring Break
with long hours of sleep
and blessed memories to keep
come back for my sake

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


This is a post comprised of several little amusing things from today.

First, I was sitting in the student union of my campus with a friend. We were trying to finish up a lab report due tomorrow.
Several persons walk by and sit at a table just behind me. And I hear one of them, some guy, humming a tune. It was Wall-E's favorite tune. I know his favorite tune comes from another movie, but it is an old musical that I have not heard people talk about, so it is highly likely this guy had it from Wall-E.
And it made me chuckle.

My professor for Spaceflight pushed our homework due date from this Friday to the Tuesday after Spring break. That means I have only six things due between tomorrow and Friday instead of seven. It made me ridiculously happy.

My roommate's cheese-making supplies came in the mail today. She is very excited and already has plans to throw herbs into her cheese.

We sang "sam was a man" in choir this evening. It is a fun song to sing even it is about some guy who worked hard and died and was buried.

Also in our choir, we finally decided on our new dress code for the girls after three gatherings and several emails. We shall have white blouses provided by the club, black skirts just below the knee at least, black shear stockings, and black shoes with no open toes preferably. Anyway, everyone seems much more satisfied with this arrangement then the previous red dresses that accentuated bulges on even the most skinniest persons and made everyone else look rather fat or dumpy.

And now I think I shall finish one more lab and then head to bed.