Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Borg Cube

At work, I frequently use the computer to look at models of engineery-type components that either I or some other engineer has drawn. Today I was looking at a large box with lots of lines creatively named something like "large box". Somebody coming to visit another guy in our four-man cube saw this box on my computer screen and commented that it looked like the Borg from Star Trek. So I promptly renamed all my files from "large box" to "borg cube". I love my work.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So having announced that I now supposedly have more time, I went off and never bothered posting again. But, you see, I had to get settled in first. And it is ridiculously more hard getting settled in than you might imagine.

First, you must find a place to live, call the electric company, and call the internet company. Then you have to buy furniture, transfer your license, change your vehicle registration, notify your insurance company...
And you have to update your address for your bank and your credit card.
And you have to update your email address (once your college one finally expires) for your facebook account and all your online bill paying things.
And then your dmv sends you letters saying you have no insurance, but it turns out it is because you still have to send in your old plates from your previous state.
And you have to find a new doctor and a dentist.
And your phone is beginning to die so you need to get a new phone, and your own plan (or else start paying your dad for you share of the bill which is increasing).
And you must find a new church and begin talking to strangers (oh horror of all horrors!) and actually attending things so you meet people.
Did I forget anything?

Oh well, if I did, I'm sure it will occur to me later.

Anyway, all that is what "settling in" has meant to me.
And all the talking to strangers and things! I have talked to more new people in the past several months than I have before! Although, that may be because I have moved to a new state where everybody is a stranger...

I have a post about bus boarding coming soon.