Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Wind Tunnels and Ear Plugs

That has been my day thus far. The ear plugs came in when we ran the wind tunnel in my fluid dynamics lab at greater than 150 feet per second. It gets very loud with a high-pitchy sort of sound. But, hey! we're doing stuff with a real live wind tunnel so everything's okay.

And some time today I have to leave my comfy warm seat on my couch and drag my aching muscles (from exercising yesterday) out into the cold again so I can walk around and talk to recruiters at our spring career fair. Botheration, I probably have to wear high heels again, don't I...

Let's blow up the moon

Well...that's not actually the goal of my senior design class. But it is a possible outcome to some of our current ideas for launching a space module from the moon to Mars. It's been quite funny as we throw out the wackiest ideas and then realize what we just said and what the possible side effects would be.