Thursday, February 03, 2011

On Mice and Spiders

A friend lent me some books. So I dumped them out of my bag and left them in a heap (please note that this was because I was so excited about them I dumped them out and spread them all over to look at their I guess it wasn't really a heap afterall). When I came back to read them, a large spider had joined the books.
Obviously this was because the spider was interested in the books. So I read to him.
Then I exercised. And then I read more to him. But just before I was finishing the last section I was going to read that night, he ran off toward the stove in my kitchen, disappearing underneath it soon after. No! Why Melvin? (his name was Melvin) Why must you run off while I was still reading to you? That was very rude you know!
But he didn't care.

Thoreau also lives under the stove. He is a grayish mouse with white paws. He likes to pop out while I am sitting on my kitchen chair. But he never does much more than stick his nose out. I sometimes bang on the stove down by the floor just to make sure he stays inside his house. His name is Thoreau in case I catch and kill him because I dislike Thoreau's writings. He seemed to be a rather selfish man (the man, not the mouse) not wanting to share anything even if it was a velvet cushion. He wanted it all to himself and he'd rather have a pumpkin to sit on if he could have it all to himself. Also I think he didn't understand the chief end of man. (which is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever, if you didn't know either). Anyway, that was the plan, calling Thoreau that (the mouse, that is; the man was already called that). But unfortunately, some portion of my brain thought he was cute and wanted him to stay and thought I was Japanese. And so I subconsciously began referring to him as "Mouse-kun" thus doing the very thing I was trying to avoid by naming him after something I didn't like. I have no idea now what I shall feel when I actually set a trap to get him. Also I must do something about my brain using Japanese honorifics...maybe I'm reading too much manga or something.