Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My sister said "I often wonder where I would be if I didn't have Dad".

Now besides the obvious that if our Dad wasn't our Dad, we wouldn't be around, or we would just have a different Dad...or would we not be around?
Because if you are the product of your Dad and Mum, then you could never be the product of a different pair, I think. Now I'm confusing myself.

But supposing instead that it wasn't that he wasn't our Dad but that he died tragically or something, then the question is good.

My answer: possibly dead. Because I very often get stuck in my head and cannot get out myself. I cannot remember why I exist or what the point of the world is. But by God's grace, my Dad is good at preaching the Gospel. And the since the Gospel is the answer to all questions (hold that thought, I need to investigate that statement more) then my confusion about my existence and the rest of the world is answered. So my Dad, being this great dad that he is, is sort of like me, so he understands when I get stuck in my head and then preaches the Gospel to me.

And then I get unstuck from inside my head. Because, you see, when you think that there is a reason outside of yourself to live and that, though the world may seem hopeless right now, there is a time when all things will be made new, that the longing will cease, and the joy shall be fulfilled, then one can no longer wonder about one's reason for living.

But now I am thinking about the statement "joy shall be fulfilled". Now having two thoughts I need to think about more, it is definitely time to end this post.

Friday, August 19, 2011

I think I must look very strange watching "Gosick" tonight. The evil villain makes me so mad I cannot watch him sensibly so I stick out my tongue at him and make rude remarks while he talks. Also I wave my arms around and block his face with my hand. Since I am watching this on my computer with its dying audio, I have my earphones in my ears (it is really the only way to hear properly anymore). Thus you must picture me sitting in the middle of my living room, on the floor, with my piano stool in front of me holding my laptop. There is no sound coming from the computer, just me making weird noises and gesturing wildly.

But in the end the evil villain was killed. I was glad. I found that rather strange. I am not usually glad when even villains die. But since I very much wanted to slap him in the face very hard myself, somehow I was glad. Slapping someone very hard in the face is usually the most violence I can picture myself ever doing. I am still thinking how one can be glad with an evil villain dying when I know my heart has the same potential to wickedness as his did.

That was the second to last episode of "Gosick". And then I watched the last and almost cried. Do you wonder why stories of two people who fight so hard despite losing so much to be together again are so moving? It is because in their trust in one another and their fight to be rejoined we see a picture of something greater. As a Christian, this is our story as well. Thus we trust that the one who loved us is with us and will be with us always. So we fight hard in this wintery life until we see the spring bloom...