Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day

This is the only time in four years that I will be able to post on February 29.
I always found February 29 to be an interesting day because it came every four years.
No other day does that.

Anyway, I had a presentation today. Now that is something I hope does not recur every four years. But I shall have others in the next two years. I know this because I still have to take Professional Development 2 & 3 which love presentations. Plus I have a number of design courses coming up which also require presentations. Still, I can hope that I don't have a recurring presentation every four years on February 29.

Friday, February 22, 2008

New Link

The college Christian group I go to every week is planning a number of events with Love 146.
Love 146 used to be the Justice for Children International.
So I've added a link to their website on my sidebar.
Please go look at it.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Colored Pencils

My dad sent me a link to a most amusing post concerning colored pencils.

Pumpkin Difle Pictures

Here are the pictures of the dessert my roommate and I made last Saturday.

This one is a close-up of the layers.

This one shows the total remains, but this was before I had some with my sister. There is much less left now.

This is a picture of the side of the bowl to try to show the layers of cake.

One of my roommates complained that there was not enough pumpkin in it. So it will be modified next time: more pumpkin and vanilla pudding instead of chocolate so the flavor doesn't override the cake taste.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pumpkin Difle

Because it is not made of three different layers but only two.

Pumpkin cake and chocolate pudding:
It was a normal yellow cake recipe which we modified by adding pumpkin and cutting a small amount of the milk and butter out.
We baked it on a cookie sheet.
Then we cut it up and wrapped the rectangles in pieces of plastic wrap.
These were frozen until the Saturday.

The pudding was made in the afternoon of Saturday.
It was an instant pudding mix called "sweet dark chocolate".
One of my roommates had stored it when the company that made it was bought out.
They don't make this pudding anymore, at least it is not sold at our local stores.
A roommate added dark chocolate chips before refrigerating.

Just before serving, we assembled it all in a glass bowl.
Layers of pumpkin cake with layers of chocolate pudding formed the difle.
It was a grad student, friend of our host, who pointed out that it was not a trifle.
So we renamed it.
And it was tasty.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures.
Hopefully there will still be some left tomorrow evening when I come back from my long weekend.
Then I can get a picture of the remains.

Monday, February 11, 2008


I have discovered that FCN, a blog I read everyday, has decided my comment about treadmills needed repudiating. And so they linked to me right and left.
I am so pleased. To be mentioned on FCN and possibly have some of their eleven readers stop by mine with even fewer readers is the height of blogging achievements.
And anyways, I don't truly disagree with their hypothesis. I think the general population of local gyms tend to be more female, except in the case of a college campus with a high male to female ratio. And girls like treadmills because they can keep you fit without giving you huge hulking muscles.

Look! I am using stereotypes as a rhetorical device, as well as some hyperbole. My Reasonings professor would be so pleased that I am analyzing my own writing. It is especially funny, since I used FCN's treadmill post for a Methods of Reasoning homework exercise in looking for rhetorical devices.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Waiting for Inspiration

That would be why I haven't posted for a little over a week.

But I doubt I even have any sensible thoughts, much less inspiration, for this post.
I am still recovering from my sleepless shift yesterday.
A project, presentation, and technical memo, all due yesterday at eight in the morning, had me shunning sleep until nearly five. A two hour nap after class prepared me for Thermal and Fluids.
Then I ran around on adrenalin for three hours at the weekly college Christian group.
On a whim of my deranged brain, I decided to run around for two more hours on a treasure hunt that went all over the campus and included solving riddles and making guesses at complicated vocabulary.
At last I went to sleep at one this morning.

But fortunately, I do not expect to repeat this performance very often. At least, not until another project with presentation is due.