Monday, February 11, 2008


I have discovered that FCN, a blog I read everyday, has decided my comment about treadmills needed repudiating. And so they linked to me right and left.
I am so pleased. To be mentioned on FCN and possibly have some of their eleven readers stop by mine with even fewer readers is the height of blogging achievements.
And anyways, I don't truly disagree with their hypothesis. I think the general population of local gyms tend to be more female, except in the case of a college campus with a high male to female ratio. And girls like treadmills because they can keep you fit without giving you huge hulking muscles.

Look! I am using stereotypes as a rhetorical device, as well as some hyperbole. My Reasonings professor would be so pleased that I am analyzing my own writing. It is especially funny, since I used FCN's treadmill post for a Methods of Reasoning homework exercise in looking for rhetorical devices.

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Anonymous said...

congrats to making it onto FCN!!!