Saturday, February 09, 2008

Waiting for Inspiration

That would be why I haven't posted for a little over a week.

But I doubt I even have any sensible thoughts, much less inspiration, for this post.
I am still recovering from my sleepless shift yesterday.
A project, presentation, and technical memo, all due yesterday at eight in the morning, had me shunning sleep until nearly five. A two hour nap after class prepared me for Thermal and Fluids.
Then I ran around on adrenalin for three hours at the weekly college Christian group.
On a whim of my deranged brain, I decided to run around for two more hours on a treasure hunt that went all over the campus and included solving riddles and making guesses at complicated vocabulary.
At last I went to sleep at one this morning.

But fortunately, I do not expect to repeat this performance very often. At least, not until another project with presentation is due.

1 comment:

Nathan said...

You must admit, though, the treasure hunt was fun...

Although, granted, I was on the team that didn't go to West Hall!

I hope this week involves less work and more sleep!