Thursday, January 31, 2008

On becoming two decades old

I now have to update my profile.

But that is not all. I have at last reached my tweens, "the irresponsible twenties between childhood and coming of age at thirty-three". And I expect to have a good time too. Then I shall settle down comfortably until I reach my fifties at which time I shall then leave for exciting adventures.

Now, enough of this.
This year, I am really learning about "Our Greatest Friend and Our Greatest Enemy".
What are these, you ask?
The Elves and Sauron?
Actually not.
'Tis Humility and Pride.
You find this strange?
It was not I who gave them these titles.
I have picked up a book called Humility: True Greatness
by C. J. Mahaney.
It has been sitting on my shelf waiting for me to find the right time to look at it.
It is he who gave these titles to humility and pride.

I have been reading through Isaiah. And yesterday, I read a chapter from my book about humility and there was a piece from the very chapter I had read earlier from Isaiah. So it goes hand-in-hand. Which is always nice.

And that is the end of my birthday post.


Homemanager said...

Happy 20th Year, Kirsten!
I think I would have to agree that humility is our greatest friend and pride our greatest enemy...unfortunately, as Paul shares in the scriptures, our enemy is always with us...
Thank the Lord for His Holy Spirit who keeps on track and gives us the desire to be humble.
Glory to God!
Thank you for sharing on this...great thoughts...
Love you,

Faith said...

Happy #20 (you might not want to call yourself a "tween" though! In today's culture, a Tween is usually referred to a prepubescent girl/boy ages 9-12...a.k.a. a preteen). But you are now officially a 20-something! :) make me feel old! When I first met you, I was just visiting vlcc back in the days when it was held at 3 pm and I was a grad student!!
Great writing about Isaiah too! I am currently also reading through that book!

Kirk said...

Someone in their _tweens_ means somebody in their twenties. 'Twas not I who made this up however. It is found in _The Fellowship of the Ring_ and is the name the hobbits give their young people who are between childhood and the coming of age which occurs (for them) at thirty-three. I was quoting from this book in my post.

Nathan said...

Thanks for clarifying that. I didn't catch the reference either.

I didn't realize you were a hobbit.

Faith said...

OH OK! Well, The Hobbit is fiction so....! (hey..keep in mind that the last time I read that book I was in 8th grade and it was 1973! see how old I am?? LOL :) ) I never heard of people callimg 20-somethings Tweens....but hey....welcome to the world of being in your 20's! Enjoy every minute!