Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Couples (not thermal couples, though)

Have you ever had dinner and played a game with two pairs of love-struck people?

I have.
It is...interesting.

There were only myself and two of my roommates around for dinner tonight, so we invited one's fiance and the other's boyfriend. And I was the person in the middle, or perhaps the chaperone.

The difficult part is that you keep feeling like you should discretely leave them to themselves, but one does need to eat dinner after all. The game made a nice after-dinner thing that let everyone move off without feeling too awkward. And I won.

You know they are all love-struck when the one roommate and her boyfriend start "thumb wrestling" with pens and tickling each other to get an advantage, and the other roommate's fiance hums loud music and stops when looked at by said roommate.

Anyways, I'd advise you not to try except that it can be most amusing, so you may wish to do so just to laugh.


Homemanager said...

You have been in a difficult place. :-)I'm glad that you won! :-D

Nathan said...

Thus providing example #73 of the value of living by oneself...

I'm glad you were there to keep an eye on them - just think how much worse it could've been had you not! :)