Thursday, October 30, 2008

Does your company have some BHAG?

That's right! I learned in class yesterday that a company needs:
Big Hairy Audacious Goals.

My fellow students and I could not determine what sort of goal counts as "hairy".

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Forks and Bridges

Yes, they surprisingly go together very well.

At least, that is what certain people on campus seem to think.

The fork-carrying-sausage prank is back again.
So, apparently not so many people notice this prank because I have to point it out to people quite frequently. And the forks stay up there for rather longish times.

Anyway, the prank itself is quite simple.
A white plastic fork is shoved between the metal links of our mesh-covered bridge that connects the two sides of our campus on either side of a well-traveled road. Then a sausage is placed on the prongs of the fork in a ridiculous manner. Usually it is a sausage link, but once there was a sausage patty instead.
There can be as many as two or three of these forks shoved up in the bridge top at a time.

I have never found out if they are placed there by unconnected individuals who have decided to emulate whomever the first fork pranker was. Or if perhaps the persons involved are part of some concerted group that does this for fun. Or maybe it is just a solitary individual who says to himself every once in a while, "Gee, I think it's time to put another fork in the mesh again...".
Whomever it is, they have afforded me some simple amusement and I appreciated that very much.

Unfortunately, I do not have picture to illustrate. I observed it this morning when I was cameraless, but I will try to get a picture of it at soon.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's fall indeed
and I eat apples and donuts
and peanut butter muffins

Tea is delicious
as cold nights creep in
and robes become best friends

Oh hurrah for the air
the cold crisp air
and the wind that blows my hair

I at last wear
a sweatshirt everywhere
and absolutely love it

Oh hurrah for leaves
that swirl from trees
with each cold breeze

And the squirrels
hop and hurl
themselves from tall branches

Oh hurrah for geese
that honk in the freeze
of the blue blue sky

As they journey
so swiftly northly
to the warm south

But I shall stay
in the cold chill fall
because I love it all

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Single Petal of a Rose

I never realized until tonight (though you may think me incredibly stupid) that one listens to different types of music different ways. For instance, a jazz concert is meant to be listened to differently than an orchestra.
One listens to the overall sound of an orchestra, listening particularly for themes and patterns and the climax.
But a jazz concert highlights certain musicians at different times. And one is supposed to listen to that person in particular until the music moves on to someone else or is picked up by the entire group.

Anyway, it took me three pieces in to realize why I was having trouble getting into the music at the jazz concert I attended tonight. But once I realized how it should be listened to, I enjoyed it...oh, tremendously. Especially funny was when the bassist began humming his notes while playing a solo.

The highlight of the whole evening came in the piece "The Single Petal of a Rose", I believe it was called. At least it was so in my opinion, and my friends whom I went with agreed. Oh, it was so lovely...a clarinet and a piano and beautiful thrilling music. And I had to close my eyes.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Glitchy Brain

Have you ever had the experience where your brain gitches?
Particularly well talking...
your mouth says something completely different from what your brain is thinking.
And there is no good excuse for it except that your brain quite clearly glitched on you.

This happens to me occasionally.
For instance:
Tonight I came back around eight from a Bible study with a group of other students.
My roommate asked how things went and who attended.
As I was listing the people I came to this guy named Alex.
But at first, I could not remember his name. For some reason I thought it was Mike or Matt (we have three Mike's in this group). After telling my roommate all this, it suddenly comes back to me that his name is Alex.
Now if that wasn't embarrassing enough, I then began said "I don't know! I just remembered somebody calling him Max and that was how I..., no! not Max. Alex!"

My thoughts knew I was trying to say Alex. I had Alex in my head...but my tongue quite deliberately said "Max". must be time for a reboot (i.e. time to go to bed).

Oh, in other news, I found this very amusing post from a link from Tim Challies' blog.