Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's fall indeed
and I eat apples and donuts
and peanut butter muffins

Tea is delicious
as cold nights creep in
and robes become best friends

Oh hurrah for the air
the cold crisp air
and the wind that blows my hair

I at last wear
a sweatshirt everywhere
and absolutely love it

Oh hurrah for leaves
that swirl from trees
with each cold breeze

And the squirrels
hop and hurl
themselves from tall branches

Oh hurrah for geese
that honk in the freeze
of the blue blue sky

As they journey
so swiftly northly
to the warm south

But I shall stay
in the cold chill fall
because I love it all


Homemanager said...

The only thing missing is a nice warm fire and a good book! :-)

Faith said...

And a mug of hot cider and a pumpkin spice candle....