Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Glitchy Brain

Have you ever had the experience where your brain gitches?
Particularly well talking...
your mouth says something completely different from what your brain is thinking.
And there is no good excuse for it except that your brain quite clearly glitched on you.

This happens to me occasionally.
For instance:
Tonight I came back around eight from a Bible study with a group of other students.
My roommate asked how things went and who attended.
As I was listing the people I came to this guy named Alex.
But at first, I could not remember his name. For some reason I thought it was Mike or Matt (we have three Mike's in this group). After telling my roommate all this, it suddenly comes back to me that his name is Alex.
Now if that wasn't embarrassing enough, I then began said "I don't know! I just remembered somebody calling him Max and that was how I..., no! not Max. Alex!"

My thoughts knew I was trying to say Alex. I had Alex in my head...but my tongue quite deliberately said "Max". must be time for a reboot (i.e. time to go to bed).

Oh, in other news, I found this very amusing post from a link from Tim Challies' blog.

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Carla said...

That definitely happens to me. There's a disconnect between my brain and my tongue. My tongue will try to say something before my brain sends it anything to say, and then my brain will try to make up for the delay by sending a horde of data at once, making it so my tongue can't keep up.