Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Single Petal of a Rose

I never realized until tonight (though you may think me incredibly stupid) that one listens to different types of music different ways. For instance, a jazz concert is meant to be listened to differently than an orchestra.
One listens to the overall sound of an orchestra, listening particularly for themes and patterns and the climax.
But a jazz concert highlights certain musicians at different times. And one is supposed to listen to that person in particular until the music moves on to someone else or is picked up by the entire group.

Anyway, it took me three pieces in to realize why I was having trouble getting into the music at the jazz concert I attended tonight. But once I realized how it should be listened to, I enjoyed it...oh, tremendously. Especially funny was when the bassist began humming his notes while playing a solo.

The highlight of the whole evening came in the piece "The Single Petal of a Rose", I believe it was called. At least it was so in my opinion, and my friends whom I went with agreed. Oh, it was so lovely...a clarinet and a piano and beautiful thrilling music. And I had to close my eyes.


Homemanager said...

Glad that you got to hear Jazz...who was playing?
Sounds like it was fun! Thanks for sharing about it.

Melanie said...

It was such a good concert! And I'm still mesmorized by the Single Petal of a Rose...