Saturday, October 25, 2008

Forks and Bridges

Yes, they surprisingly go together very well.

At least, that is what certain people on campus seem to think.

The fork-carrying-sausage prank is back again.
So, apparently not so many people notice this prank because I have to point it out to people quite frequently. And the forks stay up there for rather longish times.

Anyway, the prank itself is quite simple.
A white plastic fork is shoved between the metal links of our mesh-covered bridge that connects the two sides of our campus on either side of a well-traveled road. Then a sausage is placed on the prongs of the fork in a ridiculous manner. Usually it is a sausage link, but once there was a sausage patty instead.
There can be as many as two or three of these forks shoved up in the bridge top at a time.

I have never found out if they are placed there by unconnected individuals who have decided to emulate whomever the first fork pranker was. Or if perhaps the persons involved are part of some concerted group that does this for fun. Or maybe it is just a solitary individual who says to himself every once in a while, "Gee, I think it's time to put another fork in the mesh again...".
Whomever it is, they have afforded me some simple amusement and I appreciated that very much.

Unfortunately, I do not have picture to illustrate. I observed it this morning when I was cameraless, but I will try to get a picture of it at soon.


Homemanager said...

We know, it is really you that is the "fork with sausage" graffiti artist...'fess up! :-D
Maybe it's a tradition? Or someone thinks that the grounds people are looking a little thin and need some substance? Or maybe it is a statement about the food...? Oh dear!

Carla said...

How odd. I think females are generally less likely to pull pranks like that, but you'd expect most guys to just eat the sausage instead.