Tuesday, March 03, 2009


This is a post comprised of several little amusing things from today.

First, I was sitting in the student union of my campus with a friend. We were trying to finish up a lab report due tomorrow.
Several persons walk by and sit at a table just behind me. And I hear one of them, some guy, humming a tune. It was Wall-E's favorite tune. I know his favorite tune comes from another movie, but it is an old musical that I have not heard people talk about, so it is highly likely this guy had it from Wall-E.
And it made me chuckle.

My professor for Spaceflight pushed our homework due date from this Friday to the Tuesday after Spring break. That means I have only six things due between tomorrow and Friday instead of seven. It made me ridiculously happy.

My roommate's cheese-making supplies came in the mail today. She is very excited and already has plans to throw herbs into her cheese.

We sang "sam was a man" in choir this evening. It is a fun song to sing even it is about some guy who worked hard and died and was buried.

Also in our choir, we finally decided on our new dress code for the girls after three gatherings and several emails. We shall have white blouses provided by the club, black skirts just below the knee at least, black shear stockings, and black shoes with no open toes preferably. Anyway, everyone seems much more satisfied with this arrangement then the previous red dresses that accentuated bulges on even the most skinniest persons and made everyone else look rather fat or dumpy.

And now I think I shall finish one more lab and then head to bed.


Homemanager said...

That Wall-E tune is contagious. We find it popping through our heads quite often and it doesn't want to go away!
I'm glad to hear that you had a little bit of a reprieve with the homework change. I would be ridiculously happy too! :-D
What kind of cheese will you guys be making? I have yet to try the yogurt cheese.
I like your dress change. That sounds better. Besides, I personally despise red and black together. :)
BTW, you looked just fine in it when you wore it. I'm not sure that it was as flattering to some of the girls.

Elle said...

Hey! They can't change the outfit! I liked those red dresses!!!!!

Faith said...

Black and White is very classy for concerts. Way to go, choir! (courtney has to wear black and white for her orchestra concerts at Shaker and I am soooo hoping they make the kids in band do that too...would look so much better!).
And yup...we love the song from Hello Dolly as well! We just saw Wall-E with claire a couple of weekends ago. we're cheap: we wait until movies come out on dvd unless it is a Chronicles of Narnia one! :)

Homemanager said...

Actually, we bought a bunch of pixar dvd's (Wall-e, Cars, Toy Story 2, Monsters,Inc...I can't remember if there were any others). We have also taken some out of the library to watch. It isn't cheap, it is frugal! :-D