Friday, March 20, 2009

And hurrahness for spring!

For it has deigned to join us at last
and shake its garments all over the place
whilst leaving the most depressed among us
feeling a little more cheerful.

Oh, hurrahness for spring today!

And the groundhogs run around.
I saw one today
on my way to class in the morning.

Silly groundhog, what were you up to?
What secrets were you nosing out
that you needed to scurry when I came about?

And tired students play ball
in the middle of any available field
while wearing no coats.

Look out for the ball!
Watch it! Duck!
Be careful as you pass by
the ball-playing students.

Oh, hurrahness for spring indeed!

And the bright early flowers
those trees and shrubs put out
are beginning to bud at last.

Oh, hurrahness for spring again!

And the skateboarding guys
are out on their trampoline.
Jumping and jumping,
away they fly.

Still too cold for them to go shirtless.
And their music's not blaring yet.
Though that will come soon, too soon.

And sneakers are lovely
after large heavy boots.
And my feet prance in glee
with their freedom.

Oh, hurrahness for spring and again and again,
hurrahness for spring indeed!


Melanie said...

Ah yes, the skateboarding guys- a sure sign of spring!!

Kirk said...

heheh, indeed.

Homemanager said...

Hurrahness for Spring, indeed! :-D