Tuesday, April 17, 2007


The library on my campus is getting too crowded!
This is a common occurrence at the end of the semester, but it is one that really annoys me. The wireless connection is always being lost and desks or tables with power outlets are hard to find. It will get worse in about two weeks. Then all the slackers will join study groups and fill large areas of the library. Any loners have only gotten their seats by coming early in the morning and claiming them for the rest of the day. Noise is rampant from the many study groups.
I used to think the library was huge being a whole building of four floors, but it seems to have shrunk.

Speaking of libraries, my siblings and I went to our town library again for the first time since my dear sister was born. All our library ladies were thrilled to see us. In case you are wondering what a library lady is, here is the explanation: Nearly all the librarians at our town library are women (except for the occasional teenager working there for the summer) and they are on rotation through out the week. Since we did not know their names we called them ladies, and because they worked at the library, they were "library ladies". Anyway, these library ladies love to see us because we always troop in and say hello with huge grins on our faces. Then we all scatter and our hidden from the world until our dad comes to tell us we need to leave. Then we all reappear carrying amazing stacks of books to check out. And we do our best to bring them back on time. I think that would delight any library lady's heart.

At home, we have a large library ourselves. My dad has many books in his study, enough to fill a tall book case and a little bookcase and a medium glass-enclosed bookcase and the shelves of his desk. In our family room, we have a tall bookcase of children's books, another tall bookcase full of miscellaneous books, and a third shelf about half as high as the other two full of dictionaries and other grammar related things. And that isn't all. In the basement are another two full bookcases, but these are books from Dad's college days and other technical books plus some odd books Mum's not sure where else to put. And then there are books in each of our rooms and in desks and under beds, and packed up in boxes. And lots of cookbooks.

Oh! Reading is fun!

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