Thursday, May 03, 2007


I should change the name of my blog. Instead of "The Young Thinker", it should be "The Non-Thinker" because most of my posts lately have been ones that required very little of my brain to be used, maybe .001% of it or something like that.
Anyway, I wish I could change that, but it's been rather difficult and my brain has been tired every time I actually get on to post something.

Today I would like to talk about the differences between compressible and incompressible flow. In case you are wondering, flow refers to the movement to some sort of fluid (water, gas, air, etc...) around some object.
There are a number of things one can talk about when discussing flows. There is the velocity of the flow and the pressure of the flow and the density of the flow, and so on. But each of those things I just mentioned change depending on where you are in the flow. So we have a bunch of equations to help us figure out what some of those things are in the place we are looking at.
Now compressible flow is a flow that the density changes from point to point. Density, by the way the the amount of mass of object or fluid that has a particular volume or basically how much stuff is in a space. So that is compressible flow.
Incompressible flow does not exist really. We just pretend it does. In this kind of flow, we say the density does not change from point to point. We pretend that slow moving flows are incompressible because we can use some really nice simple equations to find things then. They are fun equations and much easier to use than those for compressible flow.


~Laura~ said...

Good luck on those finals.. you'll need that and prayer.. I'll be praying for you.. How are you Jo?? (This is a reply to Kirsten..)

Kirk said...

Thanks Laura!

Danny said...

I like that ...are u going to be a scientist or sth ..
I love such stuff .. I love physics and chemistry .. and Einstein is man ... lol ..
by the way ... in general .. people only use 10% of their brain abilities

another by the way .. Einstien's clever(smart) rate was 160%

keep the good work up young thinker ... (I like your blog's name) ..
good luck for ur finals .. and I hope u wish me the same too ..