Friday, May 14, 2010

Roommate M to Roommate M's brother-in-law D___ (playing some shooting war video game): Does this mean you are a violent person?

D___: Yes.

Laughter from Roommate M, friend B___, and myself.

D___: What did you want me to say? I play this because I want to hug teddy bears?

More laughter.

Roommate M: Oh! look at that cute teddy bear!

Random conversation which occurred this evening while we were all dying from heat and humidity. Roommate M's brother-in-law D___ is not really a violent person. He just enjoys playing video games. Previous to playing random war shooting game he had been playing online-bridge. Bridge, by the way, is a fascinating game which can bring much enjoyment both to the players and to spectators. We (meaning all us girls...myself, Roommate M, friend B___, and roommate M's sister) watched the bridge playing for a bit, made cookies, and then watched the Wall Street Journal's fashion week videos online which may be considered girly and therefore D___ felt the need to do something manly, I believe.

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