Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Noise and Bubbles

I voted today like all good Americans should have who can. Voting in my new city in CT was different from voting in my old city in NY. Today I received a paper sheet with lots of bubbles and I went to a little table thing and filled the bubbles in with a special black marker. It was like voting for our union president and grand marshal back in college, except we used pencils then. And then I took my piece of paper and inserted it into the optical scanner with apparently scanned my votes or something. Previously in my old city we had a gigantic machine thing that you went in and close curtains around you and then pushed levers. It was interesting.

Speaking of voting, two of my coworkers began discussing parties today. And then they realized they had opposing views. So they decided to postpone their argument over healthcare until after they left work.

Although I graduated as an aeronautical/mechanical engineer, I'm working sort of as an acoustical engineer in the acoustics department at my job. As a result, I have learned much about noise and sounds and things. So while driving my car home today, I turned some music on and immediately began thinking about the structure-borne vs. airborne noise radiating from my car due to the music. And I even thought a little bit about the paths that the structure-borne noise would travel through. I love my work!


homemanager said...

Glad you got to vote..we actually voted the same way you did, here in NY. There was really no privacy in the voting this time. They only had two small "booths" (if you can call it that) and then I was told I could sit at a table (with no booth) if I wanted to, so I did! It wasn't clear and no one told me how you kept your ballot private, even putting it into the machine, the woman was standing right there and could see my votes. The black marker bled through the back of the ballot. I suppose that is better than if it was in pencil and someone could erase it...anyway, my ramblings. :D
I'm glad that you are enjoying your work! :D

Faith said...

Hi K, your work sounds fascinating altho I must admit it is rather "beyond" me....wow....impressive degree! Good for you!! Courtney and I found the whole voting thing rather ridiculous...talk about a waste of resources....I mean, I thot we were going to be a nation that was trying to "go green" and take care of this world the Lord gave us...rather..the higher ups across the nation listened to the complainers from a certain southern state so now we all have to "fill in the bubble" on PAPER!! sad state of affairs.....I had a private booth but Courtney was allowed to go with me! kinda weird.....(I "made" her go so she could see what she gets to do next year...lol....) Love your blog..I have the same template!