Saturday, November 19, 2011

My sister is amazing. She has reminded me what I thought I learned from Man Alive by G. K. Chesterton but which I realized I had forgotten.

Living is sometimes too big for me. I see all the bad and am frustrated because I can do nothing to change it, so I sigh and say "I will wait for the return of Christ when all things shall be made new". This is true because the world we see is simply a shadow and a twisted reflection of what is to come.

But it is also a world God has created and there is much good in it as well. I forget this sometimes being stuck in the sorrow and stop living in sheer enjoyment of the good God has given me.

This is what my sister reminded me of. Now I will go happily solve some differential equations for homework, dance around my kitchen cleaning, and throw my arms up in the air and sing because God is good and I can see his grace and beauty in the world around me.

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Homemanager said...

Thanks for sharing this post. I have felt what you are describing and in that state you get discouraged and the doubts raise their ugly heads and then you wonder what life is all about...the Lord IS good and when we keep our eyes on Him, we can dance and sing and live! :)