Monday, June 12, 2006

Bumbling Bumblebee

I saw a bumbling bumblebee
Try to get some pollen
From a bright pink flower
On a blossoming rhododendron.


Kirk said...

Annie thinks this is a funny story. She is wondering why I wanted to write a story about the bumblebee.
Now she will write a story about Jan and Dan.

Jan and Dan were going to go to school when suddenly a big man came right in front of them. They were scared of the big man. The end.

She wrote all that with only a little bit of help in sounding out the words.

Homemanager said...

Very good, Annie! I like your "word picture" Kirk!
You might like to include some of your "fun" poems on your blog. I think other people would enjoy them...especially your "Mom" series. :o)
I also like the one about not being able to write....
Love you, both,