Saturday, June 10, 2006

Here I am

So, I didn't disappear. I finished school on the second of June, and I'm so glad I've spent this whole week doing nothing but reading and drawing and working with clay. But you can only do that for so long before it gets boring. So this is the end of my week of nothing. I need to start working on certain projects and writing good blog posts and all that.

Actually, it hasn't all been play this week. College deadlines are needing looking after and all my papers need to be set in order. And then there are all the things everyone but family would find uninteresting - like the piano being tuned, or a new dishwasher being installed, or two birthday parties to go to. But mostly I just lay around with my nose in a book.

Did you know that a lot of fantasy writers are compared to Tolkien? Or that all the recommendations on the backs of their works mention how it's the greatest thing since the Lord of the Rings? Or that the plots of these same works have remarkably similar concepts and ideas (just with different names) to those found in Tolkien's books? Or that domestic trials are more thrilling to read about than the most fast-paced adventure story? Or that stories about the volcanic eruption in the 1800's that canceled summer for a whole year could be so funny? And maybe some of you can quote the opening lines of every Curious George book with me? "George was a good little monkey and always very curious."

So that's the end of this really crazy post. Now to get back to posting something of substance...

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