Wednesday, July 19, 2006

And College this Fall...

I have made it through Student Orientation. My classes are all registered for and I have my schedule!
I had a most interesting time at SO. My dad went with me and attended the parents' program. After comparing notes, we made the conclusion that there are two sides to what is told about college life - that told to the parents, and that told to the students.
Because Student Orientation was an overnight event, we were all assigned a room in a hall. My program began with a meeting between all the students on their particular floors with the SO Advisers of those floors. The SO Advisers were all students themselves, sophomores and juniors. I had a number of sessions afterwards about welcomes, academics, living on campus, and that sort of thing. In between, there was a proper break for lunch (a whole hour with good food and dessert). Then I had to fill out a very long survey asking me all sorts of questions that I had never thought about. After that, I had a quick course concerning sin on campus in the form of a student panel discussion. No parents or responsible adults were allowed, only students. We learned things like where you can illegally buy alcohol, how to hide stuff in your dorm room, what to do with fraudulent ID... Enough said.
There was another activity and dinner, and then on to a session with the imposing name: Relationships, Sexuality, and the Social Scene. A nice humanistic presentation assuring us that communication was key to our relationships and to talk about sex before we do it. Also it would be a good idea not to do it when you are drunk. Humph.
Also we were told this in reference to underage drinking, and I repeat: "We want you all to be responsible law-abiding citizens, but just be wise in what you do. Do things wisely, off campus, and set boundaries for yourself." So, I guess, they (and I don't mean just the student SO advisers) are assuming we're going to break the law any way.
That's what the students got. Now what were the parents told? Dad says they were assured that the campus was safe, alcohol and drugs were no problem, even the fraternities were sensible and sober. All efforts to inform parents of the their students' conditions would be taken, although by law, things like health are supposed to remain confidential. To the students, we were told that our parents would not be told anything. We were completely responsible ourselves.
Hmm, and that's a well-respected engineering college in the US. I'm glad I'm commuting.

On the good side, I know there is at least one active Christian group on campus. I think there are a couple more. Plus I can do my own part as God uses me, so onto college this fall with a hurrah!

Please pray for this campus and other campus' like it around the country.

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Homemanager said...

It is pretty sad, kirk...I'm thankful that you are a discerning young woman. We are praying and will continue to pray.
Love you,