Sunday, August 27, 2006

New Laptop, New Classes


I've disappeared for long enough. Most of August I spent in reading all the fiction I could, trying to do fun things with my siblings, making sure all my college forms and schedules were set.

Then this past Tuesday I had a most amazing week. I don't mean it was lots of fun or really good, although there was some of that. I mean I was busier and tireder than I thought I could be. Fortunatly, this is the last day of the "socialization activities" and classes start tomorrow.

I have a cool new laptop which I don't know where to hook up at the moment (so I'm not using it to post this). It came with a red and black backpack. I've never had one of either, so I am excited.

I hope to figure out a good posting schedule so I can still post at least once a week. I'll find out how things will go this week. So keep checking for new posts.


Lindsay Todd said...

An amazing week, all on last Tuesday? I didn't think you were doing Physics until the spring! ;^)

Homemanager said...

Your due for a new post! :o)