Sunday, September 24, 2006

Apple picking traditions

Whoa! I was reading my previous posts and I was surprised by how full they were of speeling erors and grammar bad.

My family meant to go apple picking today but the weather was nasty. We try to do this every year. I think my parents were influenced to some degree by Noel Piper's book on family traditions, but I also know our family has always had a passion for starting and keeping traditions. We'll do something special two years in a row and then the next year we declare we have to do it again because we've done it so many times (twice) before! Our favorite traditions are those rounds of day trips we take every fall to Vermont. We recount the things that befell us the last time and keep our eyes open for new things on the road to Vermont. Somehow we have kept these traditions year after year, making time for them when our schedules were busy (which they always seem to be). But I think this year will be a bit more difficult. There are some unnegotiable obstacles, namely Dad's work schedule, my college schedule, and my dear Mum's ever increasing belly.
We may be disappointed in undone events, but who could be for long with all the exciting things God is doing in our lives?


Homemanager said...

I'm so surprized at awl yer speeling erors and yoo in collage!! :o)

We are certainly on an adventure! A God one! :o)

Love you,

Laura said...

I'm doing fine. Yeah, it was fun watching the movie with you college students. I don't want to go to college yet. But I will later Kirsten. ~Laura~

Laura said...

thanks for the imput!!

Elisabeth said...

Hello!! No, there's not a ton of swearing's kind of refreshing. However, it is still there.

It's so weird to think of how small the world is...I think that my parents went to the same college you're at right now. ANyway, thanks for the comment and maybe we'll keep up! Maybe during one of your VT trips you guys can come visit us.

Polka Dotted Pickles said...

Hello! My Mom gave me your blog address. I also commute to my college classes. I live about an hour away, so I am really looking forward to the day I can live closer or on campus. I figure I will save ten whole hours a week!
What is your major?