Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sleep deficit (Dyke Darrel) = injuries * clumsiness

So this week, I think I have been trying to see how long I could last before killing myself, or at least badly injuring myself.
It all started with Dyke Darrel...
Tuesday evening, I made plans not to do homework but instead to do some serious organizing so I would stop dropping things off my to-do lists and forgetting important things like due dates for homework. So I did that. And then, I decided to stay up a little later and read a little more of "Dyke Darrel, Railroad Detective". Meaning...I went to bed at three.
Now Dyke Darrel is not so enthralling in matters of plot or character or even writing style, but one can't take a break when the hero is shot by criminals, left on train tracks in paths of oncoming trains, rescued by escaped convicts, and nearly murdered again by aforementioned convict, etc.
So thus I went to bed early Wednesday morning.

Knowing I would not be functioning well the rest of the day, I decided, that morning, to go to the gym. I usually go to the gym Wednesday mornings after Differential Equations, but I wanted particularly to go because it would give me some energy. But my tired brain overestimated the power of my arm muscles and I injured the muscles in my right upper arm and shoulder and slightly hurt those of my left arm as well. These injuries, however, did not bother me much Wednesday. That evening, I determined to complete my Macro Economics homework before taking a break to watch "Beauty and the Geek", the one TV show I watch because my roommates introduced me to it and we watch it together. Only, we watch it online instead of on the TV. I was nearly able to implement this plan, but then I fell asleep while working on the homework because of my sleep deficit from the night before. I slept for an hour or so and then woke up to find my uncomfortable sleeping position had thrown my jaw out of line. After watching something with my roommates (we had to watch "Numbers" instead because "Beauty and the Geek" was not up yet), I returned to my Econ homework to work over it until two in the morning.

So now I had added more lack of sleep to my already large sleep deficit and by Thursday morning, I was tired. But I still had things to do. Like making dinner for that night. After lunch, I made up a salad to put in the refrigerator for dinner. And I sliced my finger in the process with a really sharp knife. It made a clean shallow cut so it didn't bleed a bit, but it was just a teensy bit sore. Also my arms were aching and I found my right arm to be so stiff and sore I could not lift things with it. At four, I had a review for an upcoming Diff Eq exam. When I left my seat at the end, I tripped over a little stair and landed on both my knees and banged the hand whose finger I had previously sliced.

It was after the last mishap that I stopped to think. I had hurt myself so much in the past two days it was quite funny. So I decided the topic needed to have a blog post of its own. I walked back to my apartment and began frying chicken for dinner while composing this same post in my mind. And burned my hand by splattering oil from the fry pan.

But I still had work to do. So I went to bed at four yesterday morning. I am saying yesterday because today is Saturday now and my knee is still hurting from the banging up it received Thursday.

End of post.

Lest any of you think this means I have had a terrible week, you are mistaken. Of course I would not care for this to happen every week, but it has provided excellent opportunities for God to show His faithfulness to me every day in all my work and daily living.
So of course I must give glory to Him even as I write a post about my own foolishness.

And note: Clumsiness comes from not taking your Mother's advice about staying up late all night reading.


Kirk said...

note the time posted.
I went to bed early last night. It was only one o'clock. :D

Faith said... are starting to sound like a typical college kid! :)
Never heard of Dyke Darrel..who is the author? Courtney and I love mysteries. She is into Mary Higgens Clark and her daughter Carol Higgens. hope you have an incident-free week!

Homemanager said...

Oh, my dear really did have an...hmmm, interesting week. You almost make me think of Lucy Ball :-D

I have to say though, even though you didn't take your Mother's advice, I still love you and hope that this week brings some good sleeping to you. :-D


Elly said...

Poor Kirsten!!!
By the way, thank you for advertising my blog! :-D
Love you!