Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Something Interesting

I actually have "Blog something interesting" for today written on my weekly to-do list. But I did not realize how interesting it was that I was going to blog about. I forgot even, that it was on there until just now when I was thinking about my day and why I wanted to blog about it. But there it was, so of course, now I have to blog.

This is what I wish to blog about: my day at the lab.
If this sounds dreadfully boring to you, please do not give up reading. It will be more interesting as you go farther on.
First, the preliminaries:
I work for a professor at my college every Wednesday from one to five. He does work in nanoparticles. He has two labs: one in which we play with chemicals and one with a microscope so we can view our results.
I was working in the chemical lab on my project at around quarter to three when the grad-student came in (Enter important "grad-student" music - whatever you might think appropriate for such an occasion). He was friendly and asked me a couple of questions. Then I left to observe my results. A few minutes later I came back to not see the grad-student but to see his work on fire.
Yes, that is what sometimes happens when chemicals are heated on a hot-plate. Except I prefer it not to happen when I am the only one in the lab. So I freaked out, but I had enough sense left to turn off the hot plate. Then I frantically looked up and down the hall for someone. The other undergrad student who is working on the same project as I am came down, so I asked him to go to our professor asking what to do. Eventually, it burned out. But it was quite a lot of excitement.
Shortly thereafter I knocked over my vial of solution with the sleeve of my lab coat. It spilled but fortunately it was easily cleaned up.

I told the other undergrad that I felt today was a bad day for me. Accidents seemed to be happening where ever I went. He said thanks, he'd stay away from me.

And then I came home and watched Beauty and the Geek, which, by the way, we are trying to figure out whom of the guys from our college should best be sent to for social improving.


Kirk said...

I like adding comments to my own posts. But there was a finishing touch to this day. When I came home, I found I and my roommates had received a letter from our landlord to all his tenants informing us that we needed to decide seven months in advance whether we were going to stay or not.

Yes, seven months in advance. Dear me...

Homemanager said...

My oh my, dear Kirk! Yesterday was similar for us...I think welly could tell you better, what our day was like. :-D

We weren't the only ones either....
Love you,

Elly said...

You need a new post, Kirky-dear!!! :-D