Monday, November 05, 2007

My weekend (That sounds so boring)

But it wasn't a bit.

But first I must give a word of praise to God. I prayed for peace and calmness for my physics exam this past Wednesday and He gave it to me. And I did much better on it than my previous exam.

I had three exams this past week: one in Macro Economics, one in Physics II, and one in a fun (read sarcastically) engineering class called Strengths of Materials. I was not pleased to discover this, but by God's grace, I got through them all. Since this post is not about exams though, we shall move one. But it sets the stage because for the weekend, I planned all sorts of fun things to do.

Like getting a haircut.
And spending some time with my family.

And going out to dinner with some roommates, friends, and roommates parents to a Chinese restaurant.

Then I and my roommates and friends climbed into the friend's mini-van to drive back home. We were going to meet my roommates' parents at a hockey game later. Also, I did not mention this before, but one of my roommate's fiance came with us. He plays the clarinet in our school sports band (called by the aptly descriptive name the "Pep Band").
On our way back home, we discovered we could drop him off closer to the hockey game so he could be there early for the band. Strictly speaking, he was "voted off" the van (okay, we were just kidding). So he gathered all his stuff, including his fifteen year old, plastic school issued clarinet, and hopped off the van as we stopped at a corner to let him off.
Unfortunately, he dropped some stuff. Like the case containing his clarinet. It promptly landed on the grass near the sidewalk and burst open, scattering clarinet pieces on the ground (They weren't broken; that's just the way they are stored). I watched dumbfounded as the barrel of the clarinet rolled down off the edge and tumbled right into the storm-drain!
We asked if we could help, and found a flashlight for him. He peered down and decided it was too deep and wet to get the piece back.

This ends part one.
It wasn't going to be in more than one parts in the beginning, but I realized it was kind of a long story.


Nathan said...

Sneak peak at part II:

They're all crazy.

Kirk said...


Nathan said...
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Nathan said...

I heard the story you've stopped in the middle of from other sources. You're all very kind-hearted, but nuts (in a good way, of course!).

I hope that clarifies. Have fun!

Homemanager said...

Even though I heard the story, I am looking forward to hearing it again..especially your descriptions of "the rescue" :-D