Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have many things to be thankful for. To show you some of these things, I shall describe my family at this moment.

My dad is sitting on our gray couch in the living room. He is reading The Hobbit out loud. Annie is sitting between him and Jo. Elle is rocking in the large rocking chair next to the couch. Joe crouching on the love seat. He keeps moving around. Bethy is walking around and making much noise. She has Annie's slippers and is carrying them around, occasionally taking time to bite one or the other. She has left a couple of toys on the floor showing a trail from the piano to the couches. Mum is sitting at her desk. She is playing Spider Solitaire while listening to Dad. It is windy outside, but it is not really sleeting like my Dad first thought. It turned out to be only my fingers on my keys as I began typing this post on my laptop.

Now Joe is hanging upside-down on the little couch. Dad is reading an exchange between goblins and Gandalf as he and the dwarves perch in trees and the goblins dance around below. Bethy is causing trouble. I know this because Mum is saying softly "no, no, no." Then she scooped Bethy up and gave her kiss. Dad is asking Annie what happened to Gandalf. Elle is fidgeting by playing with her ear and tapping her head with her hand.

Mum has just placed Bethy into her playpen. Bethy protests. She will calm down soon. Joe falls off the couch and rolls across the floor.
Mum asks me about my status message. Dad pauses. Annie asks if they are nearing the end of the chapter. It is past her bedtime and she is getting sleepy.
Bethy has stopped crying. She peers over the edge of the playpen and chews a toy. Joe makes faces at her. She laughs and then starts to cough. She finds it funny and tries to cough more.

The wind has picked up. I can hear it rushing around the house. The sound is mixing with the dishwasher from the kitchen and Bethy singing with a stuffed duck.

Elle chews the edge of her shirt and rocks gently. She is listening intently to Dad's story. Joe has stopped moving on the love seat. He is instead staring off into space. He jumps up suddenly to pick up a toy Bethy drops. He leaps over the back of the couch and back into his place.

Elle moves from her chair to play peek-a-boo with Bethy. Bethy is not appreciative of her efforts. It is nearing Bethy's bedtime.
Dad has just finished the chapter. Annie is disappointed. Dad wonders because she had wanted it to end earlier. "She also doesn't want to go to bed" Jo points out. Elle asks Annie if she has brushed her teeth. Joe and Annie leave to brush their teeth. Their bedtime is at eight thirty.

Jo mentions watching The Lord of the Rings. A rumor of the possibility that Mum may watch it as well goes around. Mum does not encourage it. Elle hangs over her chair to coax her.

Joe comes back down and Dad is wondering what I am doing.
I will now post this and you can draw your own conclusions as the what I have to be thankful for.

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