Saturday, April 19, 2008

Above is my dear sister at our Christian group's semester semi-formal this evening.

It is one of my favorite events of each semester. Whoohoo! I danced my feet off and now we're both exhausted!

At present, she's washing off her feet. There's no words for how dirty our feet get after these dances. Can't dance in high-heels, so we all kick our shoes off.
Anyway, it was grand, and now I'm hungry.


Faith said...

HI! thanks for letting me know the concert info! I have told your mom in the past how I like the pics you post here. Very pretty!
Thatis nice that you have a Christian group on campus to belong to. I am thankful this year that Courtney joined LIFE club at Shaker High. It is student run but overseen by Youth for Christ leaders and 2 teachers who are born again CHristians. Many of the LIFE club members go to Grace but some go to other local churches like Light of the World, St.Ambrose, Loudonville Community. It is good to be involved with other Christians for fellowship! Tell J she looks pretty! You guys are so grown-up now it boggles my mind...and makes me feel a tad bit "old"!! Enjoy your Sabbath.

Homemanager said...

A pretty picture of a "rose" :-) I think however, it is only fair that you post a pic of yourself as well... :-D