Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thinking vs. Feeling

The third dichotomy of type is the thinking vs. feeling dichotomy. And again, these words mean something a little bit different than you might think.

This dichotomy is about how one makes decisions.

A thinker usually looks for rules or standards that can be applied to all situations. They tend to pull themselves out of the issue at hand to look at it as objectively as possible and to hopefully find some rule to apply to it.

A feeler tries to understand all points of view in the situation or issue. They look at each situation in a case by case system.

One should not confuse feeling and thinking with being emotional or being logical. Both can come to the same decision; they'll just reach their conclusions by different methods. Both can be extremely good, clear, and logical thinkers. It's just how they look at the situations that makes them different.


Carla said...

What if the rule/standard someone applies is to try to understand all the different points of view? Is that still a feeler?

Kirk said...

I'd say that person could be either. It depends on how they make their decisions. If it was a thinker, they'd be conscientiously make a point of getting everyone's point of view. And a feeler isn't necessarily adverse to rules either, they just look at everything case by case.