Monday, March 31, 2008

Sensing vs. Intuition

The second dichotomy concerns how you learn or "how you prefer to take in information".

It is perhaps the most difficult one to understand. I do not even think I have it all down.

Anyways, we shall plunge into this and see what we get.

A sensor tends to focus on the details while those with intuition tend to see the big picture first. My instructor gave this example: We are given an assignment to build a Frisbee thrower. Our sensing teammates will immediately begin thinking of things like the length of the throwing arm and the height off the ground and many other things of that sort and move up. The intuitive teammates will begin instead with the general design and move down.

Like I said before, these two are more difficult to distinguish between. I'm hoping my explanations of them are fairly accurate as well as understandable to others.


Carla said...

That explanation seems clear enough.

Would it would relate to how people write, as well? That is, whether someone thinks of the general gist of the work first, then details later, or whether they build a work off a few inspirational sentences?

It seems similar, but it's concerning with creating, not really "taking in" information.

Homemanager said...

I think you have conveyed the differences. I think Carla's thoughts express it as well...what do you think, Kirk?

Kirk said...

I'm not really sure, Carla. I think it's partly the way one thinks of things so I guess it could affect the way one wrote too.