Tuesday, March 04, 2008

On becoming a "true" American...

According to one of my roommates, some Scottish guy was interviewed in People magazine about becoming an American citizen. He, apparently, mentioned that he already did a lot of American things such as bowling and watching the Super Bowl and complaining about it.
(This information, by the way, came from a roommate who never reads anything of less quality writing than the Wall Street Journal. She was not feeling well yesterday and went to the doctor's. The fact that she read People shows how bad she was feeling.)
This surprised me because I have never been bowling , but I consider myself a fairly thorough American. I said as much to my roommates and caused great shock and consternation amongst them. Immediately, I was invited to go bowling with another roommate that very evening. She had already made plans to go with a few friends, so asking me along was not a big deal.

So I have now gone bowling. You may all consider me to be a "true" American now. I had a great deal of fun, though I scored lowest in both games.
Those shoes, however...
Have you ever really looked at them? They are pretty strange. They are flattish and two-toned. I really wonder who decided to make them piebald like that. It's most peculiar.

Anyway, we rounded off our pleasant evening by observing our basement neighbor get arrested as we drove up. We have no idea why.

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Homemanager said...

I love your description of the shoes! LOL! :-D I agree wholeheartedly! :-D

I have enjoyed wearing those piebald shoes and wasn't particularly the highest scorer myself...I think it was the shoes...don't you agree?