Friday, March 28, 2008

When Research leads to Presentations

My college is having what they call the "Undergraduate Research Forum and Awards". It's basically like a research fair. Our advisors cajoled, threatened, or commanded many of us student researchers into preparing presentations for it.

That is today.

So I'll be dressing up in my suit soon and heading over at around twelve to the great hall where we'll be setting up posters. Then the judges will review our work and listen to our presentations from two to four. Then they will take an hour to decide which researchers presented the best. My teammate and I don't expect to make it very far in the rounds. But at least we can walk around in suits and sweat pounds away from sheer nervousness while talking to the judges.

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Homemanager said...

We really don't want you to sweat pounds away from sheer nervousness. If this happens, I fear that a big breeze will come along and spirit you off some where. :-)