Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring Break

Yesterday was the halfway mark for spring break.
My brother has been quick to point this out.

But I have been accomplishing most of the things on my list. It makes me so happy.
This afternoon I played dolls with my younger siblings.
Actually, all of us played save the littlest one (one year olds don't understand that "playing" does not mean "chewing").

It was different. I hadn't played with dolls for a long time (in fact, very few twenty-year olds play with dolls). But it was different for other reasons too.
I think the strangest thing was that I had always played about being grown up and what I would be doing and setting up my house (I loved setting up the houses). But I am nearly grown up now, and have some idea of where I am going. And I get to set up real houses in the form of my apartment. And these I find even more fun then when I had to pretend all of it. So I had to play differently than I used just so as to have fun.

Instead, we got rather ridiculous and played that there were space raiders from the second universe coming to attack, but they were thrown into the third universe. Then some army planes flew in and were shot at by anti-aircraft which was actually the same thing as the space raider zapper. My brother loved it, though I'm not sure my younger sister found it quite as satisfying.

At least now I understand my mum's and aunts' plights when we begged them to play with us. I always wondered why they got so silly...

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Carla said...

Generally, when I play dolls or ponies or what-have-you with the kids I babysit, or even lego with my brother, I end up sending them into fits of laughter at the goofiness of it all. I wonder just how universal this phenomenon is...