Monday, June 30, 2008

Mountain Pies

Here is my post with pictures!

Last weekend I went camping with four other friends.
'Twas my first time camping, so I found it quite exciting.
Some people said it was not real camping, though, because there was a little building nearby with flush toilets.
But despite possible contentions to the contrary, we called it camping.
Friend A has been camping many times before with her family.
So she organized us and our camp.
And built the fire.

She also had these amazingly nifty little irons. We made what we called "mountain pies" with them.

I don't have pictures of the irons heating in the coals, but that is what they did first.
Then we sprayed their insides with cooking oil.

This picture is of Friend A placing tomato sauce in the center of a flour tortilla which is sort of in/on top of one half of an iron.

Here it is again with cheese on top of the sauce. Some people added mushrooms or pepperoni to theirs.

Friend A is folding the tortilla so that the whole thing will fit inside the iron. You can see some pepperoni in this pie.

And here is the pie cooking. The second half of the iron is hooked onto the first and the entire thing is shoved into the coals.

I burned my tongue on my first one. But it was tasty nonetheless. The next night we used pieces of bread and cheese and roast beef or chicken. It was sort of like grilled cheese, only not really grilled.


Faith said...

Welcome to the world of camping!!!
We have gone our whole it...although Courtney is now at the age where she wants her own tent plus a friend along!
I'll give you a delicious recipe for chocolate eclairs cooked over the fire, if you're interested!

Homemanager said...

It looks like mountain pies are very versatile. Maybe we should get a few irons.. :-)
Chocolate eclairs sound delicious!

Kirk said...

They do indeed sound delicious.

The first night we also tried biscuit dough on the ends of sticks. That was amusing. They never cooked well, but we had fun.

Carla said...

Every time my family goes camping, out come the pie-irons. It's a tradition. Welcome aboard!

Anonymous said...

You were definitely camping. I think camping anywhere more rustic than a KOA is torture. I've done it but don't recommend it! :)

Flush toilets and showers are incredible. Going without is way overrated and a bit smelly!!! :0)