Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Experimental Vegetable Pasta

Contains these things:
Carrot Salad
Mozzarella Cheese
Elbow Macaroni


Sauteed Rhubarb with onion and peppers.

we'll let you know how it turns out (if we're still alive)...


Nathan said...

Sounds different...

I'd be more concerned that you've started assigning TLA's to food items! (For the non-RPI-ers, TLA stands for "Three-Letter Acronym".) Perhaps you're taking on the engineering identity a little too well! :)

Homemanager said...

hmmm...I'm not sure I know what "carrot salad" is...the cheese and macaroni of course, go together..."Sauteed Rhubarb!" that should be quite interesting with the onion and pepper.
It makes me think of apples with onions and peppers...if it turns out yummy you will have to make it for us. :)

Homemanager said...

Nathan, it is not surprising actually, there is someone very dear to her that has used those TLA's since she was little. It's in her :-D