Thursday, July 24, 2008

Concerning Curry

I have only just learned something.

"Curry" is not a particular spice. It is in fact a mixture of several spices used to make a curry (or sauce). According to the RecipeZaar, it can have 20 different spices! It is the tumeric which makes it so yellow. The powder we get in stores is like a standard mix of the spices from Britain. It was made so you could add the flavor of Indian spices without preparing it all yourself. In India, the spices vary depending on region and household.

Some recipes for "curry powder" are here:
Curry Powder Blend
Garam Masala
Curry Powder

So now I have learned something new today...and I have to see about making my own.

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Faith said...

We have some amazing curry powder from Little India in NYC....have fun making your own...we enjoy it in a variety of's so good!!

There's also a place here in town that is an authentic pakistani/indian food place (Latham Biryhani on route 9) that several college kids like...Dave and i love it there! (and they deliver I believe!!)