Friday, July 11, 2008


I have seen it last night.
And we have declared it to be the engineer's chick-flick.

Last night I went with four other people to see WALL-E.
I really did not know what to expect, except, of course, a robot.
But, oh! The robots were so cute!
And the movie itself was most enjoyable.
And we all loved the credits.
They always have interesting credits.
I mean, there are fun things going on around the credits: cool pictures and stuff of that sort.

This was a really cool movie and you should all go see it.
I shall not tell you any bit more about it in case you haven't yet.


Homemanager said...

Ha! "the engineer's chick-flick" :-D
It is good to hear that you enjoyed it!
Maybe we will get to see it...

Faith said...

It's on our list of dvd's to rent once it comes out! Glad you liked it...both my daughters wanna see it...did it really address the obesity problem like the media is saying? i thought that was interesting...and kinda scary to think about regarding our sedentary lifestyles so many people have!

Kirk said...

um, I don't think it addresses any obesity problems. The people on the spaceship were fat and blobby because they had very little bone mass left and because they had everything done for them by robots. So I guess you might say it pointed out how if you sit around all day, you get fat, but it wasn't the point of the movie.

Faith said...

Thanks for the info, K!
It was some review we read in the TU and it said the movie was showing just how bad the obesity problem will become...I'm glad to hear that is not the point of the movie though...the girls want to see it but we're cheap..we'll wait til it comes out on dvd and rent it!
Hope you're having a great summer!