Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Random Tuesday

(not that anyone really cares to know how my Tuesdays go, but this was just fun, and I'm in a posting mood. Oooooh, I guess it time for a...Nothing Post!!!)

Had class. It is a boring(?) class. It is also an interesting class. It depends mostly on how much sleep I got the night before and whether I printed out the notes before class. Today it was good. Can anyone say Lagrange equations (mixed up with potential and kinetic energies)?

And then, I ate lunch. (This is getting so exciting. I don't believe all you nearly-non-existent readers can handle all this excitement.) There was yogurt in my lunch!
And fruit.

And then, my sister called me. (wow! if my day hadn't been made before at the yogurt, it certainly would have been at getting an actual real life phone-call!)
So I got dressed up. Except I think my sister's stockings got mixed with mine. So I had to wear light tan-ish colored pants with my black suit jacket instead of my nice matching skirt. And my sister came over all ready dressed up.

But then, we had to walk around and talk to people, trying to convince them they wanted to give us a job. But they weren't bitin'. Too bad. I got a stack of papers though, so I can harass them later with many submissions of my resume. Maybe that will change their minds.

Unfortunately, this all came to end much too soon and we had to leave to go to another class. This class was more exciting. Supposedly, anyways. It was so today because I actually did not fall asleep! Maybe it was because I was still in my suit clothes (It is incredibly undignified to fall asleep in suit clothes, you know). All sorts of equations that change whether you are dealing with ellipses, parabolas, or hyperbolas danced before my eyes and somehow made their ways to my notepaper.

Finally I was done! I could leave and go home and change out of my suit clothes! Except then, I thought I might stop by to pray for an hour at our Christian group's accustomed daily prayer hour in the afternoons. I met two others with similar intent and together we walked to our accustomed room.

But, oh horrors, it was being used. To take pictures of graduating seniors (most of whom only dressed up the top half of themselves so save the bother of dressing up their entirety). We were in dismay.

However, one brilliant (or not so brilliant) idea was proposed. Namely, we should walk around and pray for campus in the cold. We were all dreadfully excited about getting cold. So we went.

We walked a lot. Our campus covers a lot of ground. My feet got wet. I wasn't wearing boots, just dress shoes. But my feet did not get too cold, so it was okay. We also threw snowballs (an integral part of outside prayer in the winter). And one person ran up the side of a building and flipped off (he just wanted to show off his understanding and application of basic physics, I think).

At last I got back home. And changed my clothes, pronto (where does that word even come from, I wonder).

But dishes sat in the sink. So I washed them. And then my roommate made waffles. With blueberries (oh man, I think I'm gonna die for sheer delight).

My sister called again. But this time she called my roommate (she claims she called me first, but I don't believe her. I can always hear my phone vibrating, even when it is in the other room! Except, my received-call log seems to agree with her.) This time she wanted to sleep on the couch. So we let her. Just for tonight, you know.

And then, I sang three songs many times. I hope our choir director was finally satisfied. Three songs for two hours when one has to use the bathroom can be very...tiresome.

(This post is getting way too long. I'd turn it into a two-parter except you might not be able to stand the strain, and I'm nearly done anyways. Not that you care since you've probably stopped reading by now anyways.)

Then, I was surprised. There were two strangers sitting on my couch when I came home. One was my sister. The other was my roommate's sister. So we watched some tv together. And my roommate made popcorn with nearly all the kernels popped. It was amazing.

And now I am staying up much too late writing this nothing post. But this is the end now so I can go to bed.


Jo said...

having nearly all the kernels popped was the highlight.... :)

Carla said...

*He just wanted to show off his understanding and application of basic physics, I think.*

Beautiful! I love that line.

"Pronto" is Spanish, so perhaps it actually is derived from Latin somehow, though I'm not sure how.

Melanie said...

I would agree with Jo, except those blueberry waffles were also exciting!

Homemanager said...

I thoroughly disagree with your conclusion of your day...it sounded very exciting indeed!!
It is not every day that one can walk about in suit clothes and throw snow balls (that is so cool!) I'm glad that you wrote a nothing post. Your nothing posts are always "something" posts and well, I read it to the very end and...so what happened on Wednesday?