Thursday, January 01, 2009

Cleverd the Clinky Genius

My brother sometimes sleepwalks. On one of his trips, he stopped by my sister's room and announced to her "My name is...Cleverd". The next morning, my sister turned it round into "Cleverd the kindly genius".

Tonight my mum asked my brother if he had showered. He said yes. He then said something about how he had been clinky (his sleepy brain was not working quite right so "stinky" did not come out right).
And thus my likewise tired and cookie-highed (by the way, those were awesome cookies, Ell) brain made a strange connection and came up with:
Cleverd the clinky genius!

And now I am annoying another sister by saying in a sing-song voice: "I'm a clinky genius. Oh! Cleverd's my name."

And this is my first post of the new year. Next year, if the Lord wills, I will be graduating from college.
And may God grant that this coming year is as full of humor and joy as it has begun (in my family at least) despite anything else that may come up.

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Homemanager said...

I agree with your desire for a year that is full of humour and joy, like we were so blessed to have on this break. :-D