Friday, December 26, 2008

My brain and I were having this semi-conflict: I didn't want to think and my brain was thinking it should start working again soon.

I mean, the break is supposed to be just that, right? a break from all the long thinkings I've done all during the long semester?

But my brain is contesting otherwise. It says a break from thinking is fine for just so long. Really now, how long do you think you can do nothing all day except curl up in front of a warm woodstove?

So I moved on to reading books. My reading list this year is longer than last year's (but I've also read way more short stories so that might have something to do about that). Also watched movies.

That seemed to satisfy my brain for about yesterday and today. But then this evening it began making motions to quit this as well. I guess it just really isn't satisfied with my behavior until I am doing something very useful and difficult. But I'm not quite ready for that.

So I am instead working my way slowly up to that point. I'll blog, and write some stuff, and maybe find think of some more stories to read. But nothing strenuous. Not yet anyway.


Faith said...

Your post reminds me of my Courtney. She decided that she had enough Wii (golf and tennis) and picked up Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew for her "Jan. reading project" for Honors English assignment. (they have to read a book a month, from a certain time period, as well as whatever they are studying in class.). I thought this was a good use of her brain for vacation! Enjoy your time off!

Homemanager said...

Oh how our brains can be difficult!! You need to put it in it's won't be long before it is chugging through numbers and deep concepts and then it will wish for another break. :-D
I think your idea about "working up" toward it is a good a warm up before exercise! <3

Kirk said...

well, but it needs to cool off first before we can begin the warming up. Or was that what I was doing whilst curling up in front of the fire for an entire day?

Homemanager said...

Maybe! :-D