Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One down, three left to go

And the round of finals has begun.
Four finals...I think that's the most I've ever had as of yet.

After running through all my grades and my class syllabi, I figured I would be getting C's in at least two of my classes despite working long hours this semester on them. I was depressed.

Perhaps it meant I was not really very smart and I would be better off quitting my engineering track. I could be a math teacher. I love math. And I did very well in all those courses.

But, I thought, I would miss Aerodynamics. Perhaps I am crazy, I but I really love solving all the lovely equations and having problems come into place for Aerodynamics.
So I shall not become a math teacher, at least, not yet. I shall get C's but have a most glorious time doing Aerodynamics.

And not worry about all those silly persons I know who are doing better than I but enjoy Aerodynamics less.

And besides, God hasn't told me to be a math teacher yet, either.

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