Tuesday, December 02, 2008

And I have returned!

my brain is nearly my own once again...just a few more weeks.
But the worst is over for right now.

It is the peace and relief before the onslaught of finals.
Oh finals! How you dance merrily ever before us, teasing us and frolicking about with out pity.
And later you return to darken our dreams and shed a shadow on the last days of class.

But fortunately for us, we have happy dances and parties coming up right at the end of class during what we call "study days".
And for a little while we shall dance all our troubles away.

And after all, four finals are not too bad. At least they are all spread out neatly over finals week.

And meanwhile I am enjoying having my last Aerodynamics exam done and out of the way.

1 comment:

Homemanager said...

Yeah! So glad to hear that your last Aero exam is done! I hope you will be "singing" some of your troubles away too! :-)
I will be coming to your concert tonight!