Thursday, May 14, 2009

Semester is Done

And now I can think again. We made it through five finals and two projects and came out exhausted but done presumably only by God's grace. 'Cause let me tell you, Elements of Mechanical Design was a most boring class in which every week you look and say "Oh! more homework due" even after having an exam. And the Spaceflight final exam was nothing like expected and my calculations were seriously off because why on earth would a spacecraft carry four times as much fuel as it actually needs unless my numbers were wrong? And the Mechanical Systems Lab had incredibly long and intensive lab reports that did not fit the two-credit class expectation of work. And I discovered that three hours of sleep and fasting all day makes me look like a ghost.

But the Modeling and Control of Dynamic Systems class was fun. The course work used many Laplace transforms and partial fractions, which I just love. And the Aero Structures Lab had very little work but five fun experiments.

And I met and bonded and formed friendships with people in my classes. And my roommate introduced me to Zumba which is an amazing way to exercise since it incorporates dancing into the exercising. And my family and my friends supported me when I thought I was going to lose it. They told me to get some sleep. And God told me I need to trust Him more and give Him my love.

(By the way, it is amazing what sleep can do for you! How happy you feel and how much things look better when you've slept full nights of sleep several nights in a row! The change is dramatic and you must all try it sometime.)

So all in all...
I think it must have been a good semester.