Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spock Rocks!!!

And I am most certainly squelching any and all comments about my nickname and Captain Kirk with more vigor than before from now on, thank you very much. I don't care if he does have blue eyes and is attractive and a bit wild. I don't like him, and that is that.

Fortunately I am upheld in my opinions by my roommate who shares them wholeheartedly. Hum, does it have something to do with the fact that we are both engineers? I mean, our two humanities friends liked Kirk way better than Spock.

Nonetheless, I have just seen an amazing movie, and am now wishing I had watched Star Trek more often when I was younger. Such zoomings! and blastings! ...and why was the elder Spock's spaceship designed that way??? (that was my roommate's question: wouldn't it create a gyroscopic motion that would cause the ship to curve when flying?)

And my little toe may have a small blister again. We went dressed up on the spur of the moment so I put my new sandals on. It was because we were all so fat and full and lazy from an amazing tea party we held in honor of my roommate's birthday...speaking of which: Happy Birthday Roommate M! May you live long and prosper!

Anyway, nearly all the guest had left save two good friends, one of whom is staying several nights. And we were all fat and full and lazy and dressed up in dresses and skirts and scarfs and hats. So we decided to see a movie. And I was the only one who hadn't seen Star Trek yet...but they all didn't mind seeing it again. In fact they claimed it improved on second showing. I don't know about this. I've only seen it once. And that was enough. Man, I really wish I had studied coordinate systems and basis transformations better...maybe I'd have gotten a better grade in my Spaceflight course this past semester.

And on the way home, we argued over whom we would rather marry, Kirk or Spock, with the nice divide I mentioned earlier.

And time paradoxes are always interesting and puzzling to my brain. Hurrah!
Also, there was really only one objectionable part which was probably considered okay because a lot of girls wear bikinis in public, but I still call a bra underwear. And therefore not to observed. I promptly closed my eyes for the minute or two of that. Pretty sure that was all though...which is always nice.

And now: do you think there is one reality or multiple? 'Cause if you've got multiple, you can end up with one person in two places at the same time, but otherwise one ought to disappear, at least I think so. No wait! It's like Schrodinger's Cat! I'll stay awake thinking about this.


Carla said...

I liked Chekov and Sulu the best - who would have thought that a sword fight could somehow be worked into a futuristic science fiction movie?

Even if you have "one" person in two places at the same time, there still appears to be two different consciences. They may have been one and the same at one point, but now have branched off from each other. Does that mean one person has multiple souls? Schrodinger might make more sense...

If things in the future can affect situations as much as things in the past, then doesn't everything have to meet in the middle? It would never "settle" until the situation agreed with both the past and the future. It would seem to me, then, that there is ultimately only one possible outcome, and thus one reality, though it might not unfold in a linear fashion.

related to Carla said...

I don't think I would marry either Spock or Kirk. I suppose I would have to go with Sulu. If I were a woman, I would vote for Spock because opposites attract and he is rational.