Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Dimensional Analysis and the Buckingham pi Theorem!!!

The Buckingham pie Theorem is used to help Dimensional Analysis of pies by using coefficients and coefficient connoisseurs to analyze the dimensions of the circularity of the pie and the parameters thereof including and not limited to the radius, the circumference, and the angular velocity.

The following definition is premeditatively and with the deliberate design to confuse categorically and without exception wrong and misleading. Pay no attention to it.

Dear me, what fun it is to use a Thesaurus. And truly the Buckingham pi Theorem has nothing whatever to do with pies or the analysis thereof. It is really instead a method of finding things out about fluid flows without having to use dimensions which is especially nice for comparing things particularly when you have some model of some prototype. For example, suppose I want to build a gigantic jet engine and I know that the power it uses is dependent on some certain variables (like how fast the engine is pushing air out). Well, to actually build it and then run and test it and then modify it, etc... would take a long time and a lot of money. So I build a little tiny model instead. And so I have to change a number of things to get results that will also be true for the big gigantic engine. And I can compare everything by using dimensionless units in the very neat method outlined by the Buckingham pi Theorem.

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